Racial Awareness and Mindfulness Festival 2021

Hosted By Gene Brooks
Jul 22, 2021, 7:45 PM- May 29 2:05 AM
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  • Created by Gene Brooks
  • Hosted by Gene Brooks
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  • When Jul 22, 2021, 7:45 PM- May 29 2:05 AM
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  • On Saturday October 16, 2021, people across the globe are invited to come together in unity to experience a festival designed to help average people develop greater racial awareness and a deeper reflection on the harmful and sometimes unconscious effects of lingering racial disparities and racist systems in U.S. society and across the globe. The shootings of unarmed young black men, the school to prison pipeline, and the socio-economic disparities between blacks and whites made visible by a pandemic persist despite the claims of some of a "post-racial America." These disparities expand in politics, the colonization and the rape of the lands on the continent of Africa, and everywhere people of color exist. The harsh realities of racism, "the American Shadow" continue in this new Millennium, and expand also among the Palestinian people, those descendent from or living in countries on the continent of Asia, those who dwell in the South Pacific and Caribbean, Central and South America, Australia, and others.

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